Jordö Pike Package

A 110 m2 villa with six beds in three bedrooms with wonderful sea view just 50 m from the jetty/pier. Two Master 500 Pro with 60 hp Selva four stroked engines, electric front motors (GPS, spot lock etc) and Garmin echomap UHD 72CV for navigation/echo sounder.

This is the best fishing package you can find in the region of Blekinge. We offer the most beautiful location, the best pike fishing, a lovely and comfortable archipelago house with everything you need and two fantastic sport aluminium fishing boats.

The villa has all that is needed for a group of up to six anglers. Three separate bed rooms with two beds each, a spacious living room attached to the kitchen, a big glassed indoor patio with stunning view of the woods and sea. In a separate building there is a sauna with a shower. Bed linen and final cleaning is included. Final cleaning does not include cleaning of the boats. That is done by you and your comrades!

The boats included in this package:

Two Master 500 Pro aluminium boats with 60 hp Selva four stroked engines (or a similar boat if one of the Master 500 is taken out of service due do injury or technical problems), electric front motors (GPS, spot lock, auto pilot etc) and Garmin echomap UHD 72CV for navigation/echo sounder. The deposit is 5000 sek/boat (or 500 euro). You and your comrades are 100% responsible for the boats and have to pay for all injuries. The boats are handed over to you and your comrades with full 80 liter fixed gas internal fuel tanks (95 octane ordinary gasoline). Gasoline is not included and the boats should be returned with full fuel tanks. You will have to sigh a contract and hand over the deposit before getting the boat keys. Not more than three persons are allowed in our boats at the same time.


The general rule is that this package can be boked by groups of four persons minimum and six persons maximum and only for full weeks, Saturday from two pm to the next Saturday ten am. Two boats are included. The price is 7000 sek per person for bookings in 2024.

Three person groups are ok, but with only ONE Master 500 Pro! Same price, 7000 sek per person (21000 sek for three). 

But if only two guys want to come? Well. Our costs are the same in such a case, so the price will still be 21000 sek. An alternative for two is the smaller cabin, the Perch, with a 25 hp four stroke Suzuki, electric front motor and combined GPS/echo sounder. The cabin is located in Färmanstorp, very close to the amazing Tromtösunda bay and the wonderful islands just outside the bay. the price for the Perch package (full week from Saturday to Saturday) is 15000 sek. The Perch package is presented on a separate page. There you find more specific info.



How to book
Master 500 Pro with 60 hp Selva Yes
Cresent 470 with 25 hp Suzuki (the Perch) Yes
WC and shower Yes
Washing machine (Jordö villa) Yes
Fully equipped kitchen (Jordö villa) Yes
Fire place in the living room (Jordö Villa) Yes
Wifi Yes
BBQ grill Yes
Spacious glassed patio (Jordö villa) Yes
Cromecast TV Yes
Sauna with separate shower (Jordö villa) Yes
Three separate bed rooms (Jordö villa) Yes
Big garden Yes
Price: 7000 sek per person


Jordö Big Version fishing package Jordö Blekinge

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How to book

You book your fishing adventure by sending us a message trough "GET IN TOUCH" (below). Please let us know what package your are interested of, what dates and if you have any questions or preferences. You will then get all information and specifications based on your inquiry by e-mail. 25% of the agreed price for the package you have chosen should be payed as soon as possible after confirming your booking. The final payment, 75% of the total sum, should be payed thirty days before arrival at the the latest. Please note that a boat presented in an offers might have to be changed to another similar one if the original boat gets injured by previous clients and therefore must be taken up from the water for repairs. 

The boats are not insured for damages caused by renting anglers. For that reason we have to use a deposit system. It is important that you check your insurances to see if they cover boat injuries caused by you during your fishing with Pikestrike Sweden. If necessary we advice you to buy a special insurance that covers such injuries during the days you are using our boats. 

The deposit for a 25 hp boat is 4000 SEK. The deposit for a 40 hp boat or stronger is 5000 SEK. Half of the deposit will be charged for a visibly scared propeller or a scared fin (the fin under the propeller). If a blade is bent or a piece of metal is missing, the fin is bent or missing a piece of metal, the full deposit is charged. 

If we suspect more severe secondary injuries that is not possible to see or check, the boat will be inspected by the workshop (either 1852 AB or Nättraby Marine AB). The workshop will calculate the cost for the repairs. You will have to cover this cost before leaving. You will get a receipt of the cost so you might be able to present it to your insurance company. 

You will have to read and sign a rental contract before using our boats. The Ronneby and Karlskrona archipelagos are shallow. There are hundreds of islands, islets and millions of stones. To be able to drive a boat safely in here, the boat driver must have navigation skills and be trained in boat driving. If not, the risk for both the crews and the boats safety will be in jeopardy. This is NOT an area for beginning boat driving!